Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My head is going to explode..

I'm sorry I didn't get to write last week! They didn't even give us an option and I've been so busy I can't write. I try for a few minutes a night but it's so hard :( not complaining.. just wish I had a voice recorder for my journal so I would have more time! Okay so my trainer/companion is Sister Kuwahara ( spoken like so: Koo-wah-holla!) yeah. She's from Japan and has been out 6 months! Her English is pretty good but she does have a heavy accent. Some investigators have a hard time with it (mostly the one's in the care center) heck I have a hard time with it sometimes! But she's good :) she is very obedient and hard core. It took a while to break her shell but she's coming around. She told me openly that she didn't get along with her last comp very well but was happy when she got me. She always says nice things about me to the ward members and other important people :) she says she doesn't even have to train me... NOT TRUE. Haha it's been a crazy week. The 1st day I was out we had to move Sister K's stuff to a new place. We live with the nicest people in the world that spoil us. They are the Gladwell's and I love them! We had 5 lessons my very 1st day! Ahhhhh! I survived though :) it slowed down after that. Right now we have a couple baptisms! 1. Aleks Ruiz is 14 and getting baptized this Saturday!!! We're so happy because he's wanted to for so long but his Dad is a Baptist and didn't want him to. Now that Aleks has shown him he really wants it by going to church by himself every week, attending seminary, reading the BOM and praying, he has said YES! We teach him and his family but he's the only one right now that has permission. 2. Brother Paris. LOVE this guy. He's Muslim and is quite the character! He's wanted to be baptized but he's the oldest in his family, has to take care of them but can't return to Iran ( I think..) if he does. So happy for him! He's married to a member and has been married to 2 other LDS women. He's super funny and I love his family. He's getting baptized Dec 3 which is their wedding anniversary!  3. Logan he is 10 and his parents are inactive. He has ADHD but is super cute. 
So we were teaching Bro. Ferguson about the Word of Wisdom... again.. He said he would try his hardest to quit. The moment we walked out, we looked through the huge windows and he puts a cigarette in his mouth. Ha! Seriously? Grr... 
Yesterday was ROUGH. After eating lunch we get a phone call.. "Are you coming to lunch?" Oh... NO! "Yes we'll be right there!" I wanted to die. Thankfully it was just a HUGE salad and tapioca pudding. Haha it was such a grandma meal :) I laughed. Then, a couple hours later we had dinner. I was so scared as I looked down at my bowl with zucchini and spinach. "Please please help me to eat this..." It was surprisingly delicious! Then after brownies and ice cream I wanted to die. You'd be so surprised and proud of me... :) I ate guacamole the other night. Haha just with a few chips but this lady was authentic and it was pretty good but still not a total fan. 

Last night we met with a women named Debra. She found us at church and got our number so we could talk to her brother who's on drugs... Well we ended up talking to her for forever and I'm pretty sure she was talking 50000 words a minute.. Poor Sister K.... It was hard for her. It was hard for me too. She has lots and lots of burdens because of her family and their problems with drugs. Drugs are so stupid. :( it breaks my heart. Sister K wasn't able to relate and so it wasn't affecting her as much but I could see the pain in her eyes and the trama that it has caused. I could go on and on about this but I wont. Satan is so jealous of us and so he attacks the family and the body. Why do you think we have the Word of Wisdom and The Law of Chastity? Our bodies are gifts! Treat them with respect because they are temples! 
I'm so glad that I have the gospel in my life and know that it is how we can truly be happy. I want to help everyone and anyone but I can't do it alone and neither can all the missionaries! We need the members to extend a loving hand and fellowship! That is the most effective way we can spread the gospel and help people know the truth! We are children of God and everyone needs to know that. Okay okay I'll stop it ;) 
Sister Gietz 
Brother Gladwell (homeowner) calls me Sister Geeks haha he's hilarious. This morning he gave us some great insights to the Book of Mormon and how it was transcribe

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