Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oh Dear, Oh My!

Could it already be?! No, there's no such thing! "Farewell talks" will be something of the past and it seems so much is changing for us youth. The age change was a shock for everyone and for most, quite a delightsome surprise I'd say. I am in fact one of those delighted pioneers embarking upon this fantastic journey, in which my young generation has the privilege to adventure into the mission field. Oh what a blessing it is! As you can tell, I'm not thrilled at all...
And so it begins! The packing, the sending of additional information to Salt Lake, the immunizations, the early morning mission prep, the "adieu" talk, and of course entering into the Holy Temple of God and making covenants with Him to help us on our way back home. It's overwhelming, but amazing at the same time. I love it!

Well today, I was given my non-farewell talk. Yes, that's a thing of the past for those who don't know. For various reasons they have been encouraging that before missionaries leave for their missions, they should speak in sacrament meeting at least 3 weeks in advanced. It is to be centered on the Gospel, Jesus Christ, and your topic of assignment. Fortunately for me, this is my circumstance.

In the first weekend of October, we are blessed to hear from the Brethren and select sisters of the church in a live broadcast called General Conference. In this powerful meeting we are instructed, reminded and uplifted by people who have been called by God through our living prophet, Thomas S. Monson so speak on things pertaining to everyone in the world. If you have a question and pray about it sincerely and earnestly, you will be able to feel or know your answer by listening to these talks. It's amazing! So I bring this up because of two things. One, these meetings take place on Saturday and Sunday and so we do not have sacrament meeting making it impossible for me to speak then. Two, because General Conference is on the 1st Sunday of the month we have Fast Sunday the following week, making it impossible to speak then as well. So I'm left with October 20th or September 22nd. They (the stake presidency) wish that I speak in September, so I agree to speak in two weeks and am given the topic: Obedience- By Stand in Holy Places. Holy Cow! Did I just agree to preparing a 12-15 minute talk that I will be speaking into a microphone in front of tons of people?! Oh dear.. Oh my.. Well here goes nothing!

Oh and one last thing... I will be going through the Mesa Arizona Temple September 20th! I'm so excited! This is going to be one crazy and emotional weekend :) I'm going to love it.

Sister Gietz

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