Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5 Months Out!

HELLO!!! This week has been absolutely crazy and awesome. We did the most random things, laughed really hard, had some great lessons taught to us and taught some as well. There's seriously way too much that happened this week so you only get a little taste of this insane week.

We went on exchanges this week and Sis Allen got to be with my Grandma (Sis. Campbell who is Sis. Kuwahara's mom) and I went to Pleasant Valley with Sis Ingram. We had 4 lessons right after another and it was crazy! I learned a lot of new tricks and skills about teaching which will help me to spice up my lessons.

Saturday, we had a District Companion Study. It was on the Atonement and absolutely was one of the most spiritual experiences so far in the mission. We talked about our fav. scripture on the Atonement and then watched a Mormon Message called None Were With Him. It was pretty touching and a great reminder but then we did an activity. We went into a room, sat down, and looked up at the chalkboard. Written on the board were words such as: Pizza, Pens, Home, Friends, Family, Scriptures, Prayer, Priesthood, Prophets, Sacrament, Holy Ghost, and Jesus Christ. We were asked to imagine this was our life on the board and we had to go up, one at a time, and erase something from our life. The room was silent and the beginning of the activity was easy but when it came down to the last few words, it was rather difficult. We sat for a while looking up at the board as someone debated which to erase. When Jesus Christ was erased, my heart dropped. It was painful and to think without Him, we'd have nothing! After the activity, and elder said, "Do you really live your life this way? Do you spend your time thinking more about the things that aren't important as to the things that are?" It hit me hard that there are some things that I can be doing much better in my life and as a missionary. Let's just say... I cried pretty hard. Haha it was an amazing experience and I challenge you all to do it individually or with your family! 

After that, we went to a wedding at the Hill Air Force Base! Oh, I guess I never told you about that.. Well, they are kinda less active and the husband isn't a member anymore but wants to be! We decided to volunteer to help with the reception and made some posters and such for decorations. We also helped out at the reception which was really fun! Their bishop came and talked to us and told us that we need to re-baptize Brother O'dell! So that will probably be happening soon!
When the reception was done, we met up with our ZL's to get things situated... Note: This day was CRAZY. Well we finally ended up being able to go with their investigator to the General Women's Conference in Salt Lake!!!! We had such a great time even though we were late. She really enjoyed having us and invited us to her baptism this coming Saturday. Haha we are going to General Conference for the afternoon session with Bianca and then will race home to go to the baptism. We also have to sing now too! 

OKAY, story of the week. On Sunday, we went to Bianca's ward and saw that she wasn't there but that Xochilt's husband was. Sister Allen went to go talk to him while I talked with others. When she sat down next to me, she told me why they weren't there. Xochilt's little boy, Kye, was hit by a car and was in critical condition but being taken care of at home. We were shocked and our hearts ached for them. Later, we were given a pie and decided we would go over and give it to them. When we got there, another little family was there giving their love. Sis Allen explained to Bianca that we would put his name on the prayer roll at the temple and keep him in our prayers. Then, Xochilt asked if we would like to see him. Sister Allen and I looked at each other unsure, but said yes. We went upstairs and saw laying on the bed with a splint and all... their DOG!! Sister Allen and I looked at each other and so many things were said to each other telepathically. HAHAHA! When we left the house we about died laughing. We just took pie for a dog.... HILARIOUS. 

Well that's all that I will share for this week! Hope y'all are doing great and I love you SOOOOOO much! 

Love, Sister Gietz

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