Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Week in the Utah Odgen Mission

Hello! So this week has been really great! I went on exchanges last p-day and hung out with my home girl (literally.. She's from Mesa) Sister Shreeve. We went shopping! It was a good time and we went to Costa Vida, our favorite place from home. Not getting trunky... it's just nice to have that attachment. Everyone talks about Arizona anyways so it's kinda hard not to think about it. Especially the beautiful Gilbert temple and the nice weather. You've guys got it good.

On Wednesday after District meeting, we went to lunch with the zone and let me tell you... Most awkward lunch I've ever EVER had. Haha it was interesting. Then that night, we had a lesson with Sister Luck's granddaughter, Ashley. She's trying to come back to the church but is hung up on the WOW ( word of wisdom ) and some things in the church. Because her husband wasn't there and she had LOTS of questions, we decided to do a girls night and just answer and address her questions and concerns. It was a great thing! It brought us closer together and helped her to trust us. It was a good girl's night! 

Thursday, we went on exchanges again and I was with the other STL, Sister Sauder and she's from Indiana. We had a great time! We helped a widow take down her Christmas decor and then had a few lessons. We also talked a lot. It was refreshing :) 

Friday, we had a lesson we've been trying to set up for a while with a sweet Hispanic family that we met at a Christmas party. The Spanish elders came and decided they would take the lessons from them. I was lost the whole time they were speaking... I want to learn Spanish so bad!!! I was practicing with another sister while sis k was in a meeting and it was fun. She's from Spain and we came out to the field the same time. For dinner, y'all would be so proud. I ATE SALMON. It was not my cup of tea though so I gave the other half to sis k and ate the other things. 

Saturday, we did a Super Saturday Missionary Youth Activity with our ZL's stake. The youth were separated into 2 groups for breakfast, Mexico and Germany. I went to the German one. I don't think it was ANYTHING like a German breakfast haha! We had greek yogurt with granola, and this hard bread with jam. I think Bryant ate WAY better food or just cereal like most missionaries ha but it was a good effort. I was put with 2 girls to help them teach the Restoration to a family we would visit. Thankfully, the family was an active member family. I don't know what happened but the girls like blanked and just kept looking at me to talk. A photographer also came with us which was kind of weird but I doubt they will be in a church magazine because the mom wasn't there! It was weird not having a woman there but we went in anyways. 
We also taught a new person, Bonnie. She has been less active for a while and is just trying to figure out what church is right for her. She suffered brain trauma from an accident 9 years ago and got brain surgery 2 years ago. It's been hard on her but she knows she's blessed and has seen the blessings on the priesthood in her life through the blessings she received from family members. 

Sunday, we sang at a care center the song called The Test. It's a really good song, especially for those people going through those kinds of trials. We made lots of people cry and that made me happy to know we had touched someone's heart. We later gave a talk in sacrament on the 1st article of faith. I got a little teary-eyed as I talked about how Heavenly Father knows us by name and knows EVERYTHING about us. That's a great knowledge to have, I am a daughter of God who loves me and I love him.
 Later, we had a good roast beef dinner with all the goods :) just like home! 

Yesterday, we had a pretty chill day. We only had one lesson work out and that was with the Gailey family. We tried their patience by doing a fun activity. They lasted 15 MINS of having a chocolate kiss and cookie in front of them and not eating it! Even the 2 yr old! It was amazing :) 
For FHE, we played Murder in the Dark at the Stake Center. IT WAS SO FUN. The last round was crazy. I was the only sister left and there were 3 other elders and one was the murder. Unfortunately, we killed the wrong person and the murder won! Ha it was really fun though. 

So that's been my week! I'm so grateful for my mission and everything it has given me so far. I love being able to study and just focus on the Gospel and Jesus Christ. If you aren't reading the Book of Mormon EVERYDAY... START! We need to always be feeding the seed of faith so it can grow and be fruitful. Don't let it die from the lack of effort and being a careless gardener. Love it! Feed it! Grow it! 

Love, Sister Gietz

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