Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One of the Best and Worst Weeks of My Mission

Just want you all to know, I'm alive.

Wed- District meeting. It was a really great and needed instruction on how to help people make commitments. The best part of the day was going to the Brigham Temple with the Paris family. Brother Paris is our recent convert that is Muslim and we had the wonderful opportunity to do baptisms for his deceased family, I got to do one for his grandma! It was so beautiful and the whole experience was just so peaceful and heart-warming. On the ride home, Rachel (daughter 16) kept hitting Adam (son 13?) with a slinky. They were just harassing each other the whole time..in a loveable kind of way and it just made me laugh :) good ol' siblings. 

Thursday- Zone Conference! We had some great instruction here and were able to go over our Top 5 Strengths that were determined by a test we took earlier. My top 5: Empathy, Includer, Harmony, Developer, Positivity. Yes, I know. It's funny. Of course Empathy is my top one.. Ha! Anyways, it was really good and we got to chase bouncy balls around the gym. Later that night, we got a text from brother Graham. He said, " Are we meeting this week? I would like to plan baptism for Feb 8th." SERIOUSLY?! WOOHOO!!! We asked him what made him decided and this is his response, "Two things made me decide. The first is the Plan of Salvation. The second is the redeeming of the dead. The more I read about that, the more people I think I could help. I have many deceased relatives and friends whom I could help. The first step is to get baptized." Isn't he just awesome? I thought I died and went to heaven. 

Friday- I rested because I felt off for the past few days and Saturday would be a busy day. After dinner, my stomach would NOT settle. We had a lesson with Bro Graham which was shortened because he had an emergency surgery to do.. thank goodness for me. I rushed home and lets just say.. not pretty. I was up the entire night going to the bathroom.. I couldn't understand how anything could be left in my body after the first few times. Anyways, nasty.

Saturday- No throwing up! YAY! Very weak, aches and chills. So I got a blessing from my zone leaders and just rested the whole day. 

Sunday- Much better. Stake conference with Elder Oaks! It was fantastic. The talks were amazing and perfect even though they were unplanned. Elder Oaks talked about the Satan's efforts are concentrated on disrupting God's plan. A lot of it was about how he tries to confuse us about who we are, who God is, and anyway to take away the spirit. I know that this topic was so perfect for EVERYONE. Satan is out to confuse us but we can't let him control us and we have the power either way, to give in or not give up. I wish everyone could have heard it but we will hear from him again in April! He was super funny too, I love him :) So ready for the kicker...... drum roll.... We had lunch with him at our stake presidents house!!!!!!!! You may need to reread that sentence. It was SOOO COOOOOL!!!!! I'm the luckiest missionary I'm pretty sure. :) 

Monday- Practically 100% back to good health. Had a great time with the members that fed us dinner. They are a young couple and the husband was baptized 6 years ago after going through a lot of struggles with the word of wisdom and all that. He finally realized his life was not on a good track and that if he wanted a good life (and his adorable wife) he needed to straighten up! Later, we had FHE with the zone and played volleyball! I'm fantastic at volleyball.. Haha I really did have a few good hits though! It was super fun. 

Altogether, wonderful terrible week :) gotta love it! Transfers are next week... PRAY FOR ME!!! AHHH! 

Love, Sister Gietz

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