Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Very Great Week!

So this week has just been fantastic. I LOVE my area and don't want to leave for a while. We've had some really great lessons and I love the people. Every day is different and exciting and I think that's what keeps me going. Because Sister K is an STL, I get to go on exchanges like every week and attend a special meeting on Thursday's. Our zone is so fun and I love being with them! They are always on top of things and trying to improve us missionaries.

It snowed again! Ugh how I really dislike the cold and slushy snow. Thankfully the roads are clear now but I about have a panic attack every time I have to drive in the junk. 
We have been doing really great on our TTI's (Teach, Testify, Invite) this week! We got 8 last night! We have met some interesting people tracting.. haha gotta love a mission. I feel so blessed to be serving and gaining this experience. There's no other place I can get this training and I'm so glad I'm here! 

So Brother Graham is progressing wonderfully!!! He attended church Sunday wooooohooo! He also set a baptismal date for Feb 1st! I just know it will happen! He's our golden investigator and I will forever remember him as one of the best. He's been without coffee since we taught him the word of wisdom and I'm so proud of him! We taught the law of chastity last night and it went really good. We were able to talk about his family, their interest level and his wife's support. She's pretty anti but he said that she will let him do what he wants. I know that the gospel can really bring families together and by his example, they will see that as well! He's in Ether, so almost done with the Book of Mormon! So excited for him :) 

Brother Trujillo is doing great as well. We've only had 2 lessons but he's come to church twice now and his baptismal date is Jan 25th. I hope it will happen! He's just the sweetest guy and he's started the BOM! 

So I have fabulous newwwws! For stake conference.... Elder Dallin H Oaks and Elder Callister are coming to speak!!! We will gather in the Ogden High School so EVERYONE can see and hear them. I'm so excited! So stake president wanted to talk with us and sis k said we'd probably be speaking as well.... I thought I was going to DIE! As we walked into his office my heart raced and I thought, "surely I will faint if I'm up on the stand with one of the twelve apostles and have to speak." Thank goodness that he was just informing us about a meeting. Whew! 

Well I think that's all I'll report this week! Love you all so much! Thinking and praying for you! Remember that! 

Love, Sister Gietz

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