Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hope you all had a great New Year's!

This week has been very busy like always! It didn't feel like New Year's but that's okay! I made brownies and we played games with our zone, those who played RISK didn't have as much fun as us though!
After our District meeting, we went to my favorite place in the whole wide world... Costa Vida! It felt like home :) so nice. Grandma and Grandpa were leaving that day for Cali so we went home, said goodbye and were on our way to paint Sister Luck's Bedroom! Sister K was super excited because she's never done it before. It looks fantastic! 

We went on exchanges on Friday and it was sooooo fun! I got to be with Sister Shreeve, she is from Arizona and went to Mt. View! We talked A LOT and were able to have a lot of good visits with people. We met a sweet widow (member) who just wants someone to talk to. She has in a car accident and is recovering from a broken neck and back. She wants us to come over so she can do facials and makeovers ( she's a Mary Kay consultant ). So sweet. 

Yesterday, Sister K had a meeting with all STL's and ZL's so I went on splits with Sister Whitfield and Sister Maldanado (Spanish sister from Spain who I came out with from MTC). We had a lesson with a Irish less active member named Danny who's going through a divorce. He brought his daughter who is 5 and it just broke my heart. BUT! He was super funny and we were able to help him find and watch President Thomas S. Monson's talk, I Will Not Fail Thee, Nor Forsake Thee. I LOVE that talk. It can really be applied to all of us sometime in our life. Anywho! After that, we were able to go tracting for an hour in some apartments! Haha tracting is quite the experience. Love it. One woman opened the door, looked at us, then pointing her finger said, "I'm all good with this." then closed the door. We just laughed. I know it's really not that funny but it's interesting to see the way people react to us. It was really great though, I love going on splits! 

So we have a new investigator! His name is Mario Trujillo and just recently got out of prison. He started going to an LDS church while there and really likes it. He said he's never felt comfortable in the Catholic church. So we taught him the Restoration and even took him to church! We're excited for our next lesson with him.

Brother Graham is doing fantastic! He just needs to recognize the Spirit! Last night, he was on Moroni so he's probably done now! He said it's like he's uncovering history! He knows it's true and that it's helping and changing his life. He opened up to us about his 4 yr old son drowning a couple years ago. I think he felt the spirit when we taught the Plan of Salvation and knows he can be with his son again. He also told us that he hasn't told his wife that's he's investigating. She is sarcastic about the church and he doesn't want her to keep him from progressing and change his mind. Hopefully he can be open with her soon and be an example as well. 

Not much has changed with everyone else. However! I was able to run into Brother Jolley. He said they quit the program and are still drinking... I asked him if we can have a lesson again and he said yes! We'll get things set up this week. 

Well that's pretty much it! Hope you all set great goals for this year! I'm excited that I get to give all of 2014 to the Savior and His work! The church is true and the book is blue! Love you all! 

Sister Gietz

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