Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve!!! Soon to be 2014!

Hello everyone! It has been a crazy week like usual in the mission field. Concerning my ankle- I am doing fantastic! Christmas Day I was able to start walking on it and by the next 2 days I was great and driving again on Friday! So happy to have the strength back. Christmas was one of the greatest days in the field, such a nice break and great to talk to the family. I also have a secret... you have to PROMISE not to tell! That night.. We got in the HOT TUB! It was fantastic :) when we got out to go to the bathroom we ran barefoot in the snow back to the hot tub haha! I have never done that before! Grandma came out and said President Hiers was here and wants to talk to us. Sister K and I looked at each other with fear in our eyes, then Grandma starts laughing! Oh man. We were scared. Then she brought us hot cocoa :) yes I'm fully aware of how spoiled we are.
So I had a bit of a tough time with my comp this week. We were able to talk about it and clear things up. It's amazing how much you can truly learn from living with someone 24/7. I continue to learn patience and love and how to become a better person each day. It's easier said than done of course but I'm learning. I started reading a book given to me by a sister missionary in my district. This book has really brought new insight to me and has taught me of my supreme significance as well as my nothingness. The book is called Visions of Glory. It really makes one think.
I was able to get this book from her because we went on exchanges! Sister K is a STL (Sister Training Leader) so we will be split a lot. It was great to learn how other missionaries do things. I'm taking notes of what kind of trainer I want to be like because I fear that time is coming soon. Anyways, this one sister and I have mutual friends! She was friends with Emily Strebe (roommate in college) and others... It's such a small world.
There's so many little things I wish to tell you but I fear it's a waste of time. It's amazing the lessons you learn as a missionary. People open up to you about their lives and it is just amazing how it can humble you. I'm so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord even though it's not a walk in the park, it's well worth it. I LOVE the people. They have truly changed me for good and I'm grateful for that.
Our investigators are still struggling with the same things. The only progressing one is Joe Graham. I have gained a deep love for him and always am excited to teach him. We taught him part of the Plan of Salvation last night. He explained that he was never taught that you can have a relationship with the Savior but wants to. He told us also that before he did a surgery, the family asked him to pray. He says he notices the difference when he prays and reads the Book of Mormon he just is wanting a profound experience with the Spirit. We explained to him that it doesn't always happen that way and a lot of the time it takes time. I learn so much when I teach as well. The spirit was strong and guiding us. It was a great lesson and we're excited to finish it!
This Sunday in Sacrament meeting, they had one of the missionary's parents speak about their son or daughter and their experiences and such. It was a great meeting, I loved it! It made me worry though what Mom would say about me.. haha! But I think it's a great idea and really helps everyone get excited about missionary work. 
Well to close I just want everyone to know, I know that the LDS church has the true gospel of Jesus Christ that was established by himself on the Earth long ago. It is amazing to me that so many people do not know this. We talked to a widow about the South (where she served) and how every church preaches something different. They preach what the people want to hear! That is just idiotic to me! The LDS church is the same no matter where you go. The same gospel principles are taught and it is all true! This next year is going to be a good one! I continue to pray for you all and love you all so much. Have a great New Year and don't party too hard! 
Love, Sister Gietz  
P.S. Pictures coming soon!

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