Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Mission Days!

Hello Hello! So lots has happened in this past week and I'm very excited to share!

So first off... HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Oh my, I thought I was going to blow up from so much food. The members we live with (Grandpa and Grandma) took us to Snow Basin... We are very spoiled yes I know. Anywho! It was a beautiful ski resort and the food was fantastic. My favorite part however was the loooooong table of desserts. I went a little over board but it was worth it :P I later crashed on the couch and took a nap. Not a good time to proselyte. After my nap, we took Mooshie (the doggy!) on a walk but mostly it was to take me on a walk. After that... WE ATE AGAIN. I know... No wonder the average weight gain for sister missionaries is 40lbs! AHHH! Just kidding but not really :) no worries for me! I work out ;) So not to say the food wasn't good at Snow Basin but having a homemade Thanksgiving dinner was like Heaven (even when you're full). It made my Thanksgiving Day complete! 

So wonderful news! Our 2 baptisms went fantastic! Logan's was Saturday and unfortunately.. he had to be dunked 3 times ha I was so scared he was going to cry. He was really nervous about it but the first time was the other guys fault. No biggie though, the work was done! We sang a musical number ( Sister K and myself ) and I saw his aunt crying so I started to get shaky and even more nervous! I lived to tell the tale though! We went to his grandpa's house after and it was just... fantastic. Some of his family are inactive and it was just a great experience to be with them and talk and to show them that we're not scary or weird! Haha 

Brother Paris had his baptism this morning! It went really well and we were quite happy with it. We sang the same song at his which was I am a Child of God. After the baptism we gave the restoration presentation ( we do this after each one while they get dressed ) and let's just say I got a little emotional. It was annoying. Haha but I guess sometimes you just can't control the Spirit! I truly love him and his family. They are just fantastic people and are so loving. I didn't get to really teach him but I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I had to know him. Can you imagine putting your life on the line because you want to follow Christ and be baptized? Amazing example. 

Some fun things: 
-I let Sister K drive in the church parking lot yesterday... She had the time of her life haha! Don't tell anyone that I let her... I don't want to get our car taken away! :)
-Grandpa answers my questions and we always have very deep and insightful conversations. I love it! 
-We helped Grandma decorate the tree last night and it is looking a lot like Christmas here! Eeks! 
-Sister K taught me I am a Child of God in Japanese and it was so cool to sing with her and she also is teaching me a beautiful Japanese song on the piano. I like having her teach me things :) it makes her happy which makes me happy!
- Met and have 2 people in the Stake that are in MOTAB Choir! One is a black guy and the other her name is Sister Penman. SO COOOL! Oh only in Utah :) 
- Went to Olive Garden with about 14 Elders... Someone paid for all of us... Oh only in Utah :) these crazy Mormons. 
-It SNOWED today! Please pray for us that we will be safe on the roads!
Brother Ferguson- Challenged him to the 15 Steps to Stop Smoking and he has accepted! We also have a bap date for him! Jan 10
Chase- Finally got a hold of him. He's been playing hooky but now sees the difference in his life. Bap date for him as well! Dec 21
Sister Jolley- She came to church with her husband and seemed to enjoy it! We are meeting tomorrow to have a 2nd lesson! We are excited for this one :) 
Sister Hernandez- Not too sure... She came to church with her son and was really into it. But, there were some "needs" of hers that the bishop couldn't help with. She hasn't talked to us since she told us. Really hoping she wasn't using us.. 

We are teaching lots and I love it! THE GOSPEL HAS BEEN RESTORED! Did you know that? A lot of people don't... count your blessings! And remember, you are a child of God who has sent you here to have happiness which is through the Gospel. He leads and guides us by a living prophet, the Holy Ghost and the scriptures! 

Love you all! 
Sister Gietz

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