Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Mishy

So TONS of Christmas parties this week. We had our mission Christmas party and it was really great! The talent show during the dinner was kinda lame but that's okay. Also, I was the chorister for the hymns at our meeting while Sister K played the piano!!! It was intense. Elder Fisher came and talked. The funny thing is though, his wife's talk was my favorite of all of them.

Richard Benedict, an actor, came and showed us a WONDERFUL movie called Ephraim's Rescue. Everyone needs to watch this movie!!! It's amazing... We watched it then and we watched it again for FHE with our zone last night. WARNING: It will make you cry. So worth it though. It was so cute, Sister K put her head on my shoulder and just cried haha she cried just as much the 2nd time as well. 
We've been doing lots of activities with our district and zone and I love it! We played a funny card game on Saturday that had to do with planting beans. I really like my district, unfortunately though, transfers are tomorrow and we are losing our District Leader and Sister Horvath (girl I went to high school with). But oh well! Life goes on. So happy I'm still with Sister K and in the area. I'm at the best of the best. 
At one Christmas party we were able to talk to a non-member Spanish family that came with some friends. They are awesome! One of my favorite things: The dads were holding each others babies... I about died it was so cute. They are super good friends and after we left, they agreed to take the lessons! Woohoo! They are out of our area so we still have to work with that though. 

Not much to update on people...
Sister Jolley: We will continue lessons next month hopefully. Her and her husband our going to do a program to stop drinking. I hope it works! 
Jake: Still leaving this weekend :( so sad. He is a wonderful investigator. 
Sister Hernandez and Chase: Continues to fall through with lessons...
NEW PERSON! Jo Graham is a referral and we will have our 1st lesson tomorrow. 
Ferguson: Still breaking W.O.W. but he likes us teaching him 

Well! I love my mission. I love being a missionary! It's so funny how a name tag can change the way people act toward you. I haven't had one door slammed in my face yet though! Woo! I love living with the Gladwell family who treats us like their own. This Christmas will be fantastic! Something that Sister Fisher talked about was something like this: "What has been your favorite Christmas? Do you remember the presents you got? I bet you don't even remember. My favorite Christmas was when I was in the Hospital. It's not about the presents but the joy and happiness from being with your family." As I thought about it, I was struck that the Christmas I really didn't care about the presents, but the family, was my favorite. I also spoke in Sacrament meeting again this Sunday. I talked about the kid's presents to Mom and David this year. An act of service and a letter to describe our experience. I was happy I could share that with others! Maybe they will start doing that as well! So fun little story... Before that meeting, we walked in and passed by a family. I turned around and started to talk to the woman and her kids. She was so excited because her dad ( non-member) would be joining them. Afterwards, we met him after and he took our hands and said, " This was the first time I enjoyed Mormon church because of you young ladies!" Haha it made me so happy and I was amazed that I had that little prompting to go talk to his daughter. 

Pictures: 3 Generation. At Transfer Breakfast this morning! Reindeer! Our breakfast... I eat Cheerios and she eats a banana and hot chocolate every morning. We came home late last night from FHE and Grandpa was worried. He called the mission president... Hope we can still do FHE haha oops... 
Love you all! Make right choices! 

Sister Gietz

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