Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mission Update!

It is FREEEEEEZING!!!! It reached 5 degrees last night. I have thought several times that I'm going to freeze to death.

This week has been pretty crazy. Grandpa gave me a driving lesson in our car (Chrysler 200) and it helped a lot! I've only slid and hit a curb once! Haha 
 So we had some Spanish sisters come over and spend the night because one is a visa waiter and would be flying out the next morning to get her visa. The next morning this is what I remember: I knew it was super early but not time to wake up. There was loud talking and then I heard crying. I thought to myself, "she's probably just scared to fly alone." I turned over in bed and fell back asleep not thinking much of it. At 6am Sister K answers a phone call and says that we'll be right there. I get out of bed confused and ask what's going on. She says we need to go to the hospital and she'll explain on the way. Well to make the long story short, Sister Puig woke up during the night throwing up with a high fever and pain in her side. They woke up Grandpa and he said they needed to go to the ER. They spent the whole night in the hospital and even our mission President and his wife came. Sister Hiers asked Sister K where I was and she said, " She's in bed asleep.".... Yup! I slept through the whole thing! Pretty crazy huh? So the next day was recuperating for them but I was well rested and ready to work! So I taught a lesson to Sister Jolley by myself! It was a bit scary but it went okay I think. 
   We've had tons of Christmas parties this week... On Saturday, we had 4! My favorite one however, was at lunch time and we had a less active family we are teaching come! We had Mexican food ( so so yummy ) and sat with the Gailey family. They are my favorite little family. The kids are the sweetest and they are just so well behaved. As we were eating, I took a chip from Sister K's plate and said, " I'm stealing a chip." Lexi ( daughter who's 8) gives me the funniest look! I ask her what's wrong? She says to me, "You told us not to steal..." Haha! I was laughing so hard and felt bad. I explained to her and then told her I would stop saying that. Man... That one came back to bite me! 
Later, the local high school choir sang and it brought back sweet memories and actually made me a little sad. I miss choir... I'm a dork.

On Sunday, I gave my 1st talk! We were just suppose to bare our testimony so I didn't prepare anything. I spoke for 6 mins though and it went great! Very happy :) 

Update on people:
Sister Jolley: The 1st lesson was the Restoration which went great! The spirit was so strong and she even began to cry. She said she believes it's true! She's a bit scared of baptism and is feeling a little pressured but I think that she will accept it soon!!! 

Mimi: She lives in a care center that we cover. She just turned 91 so we took her a birthday letter. As we read them to her, she began to cry. She breaks my heart! I love her so much! She is just the sweetest woman and she is southern so she always calls us darlin and honey. She goes to church but promised her husband she wouldn't join the church... 

Enrique: We teach him on Facebook! He lives in the Dominican Republic and is just amazing! He is so funny and is full of curiosity! Sister K taught him in her 1st area when he was going to school here. 

Jo Kelley: Poor Jo. He is a less active but is becoming much more active! He just recently found out some things so moved out and is getting a divorce. We were wondering around one day and saw him outside of his apartment. We felt like we should go help and talk to him. He was there to get a few things. He was a mess but was so glad we came. He said," It's funny how prayer works... I was just praying for help because I didn't think I could do this and then you sisters pull up. Wow He's fast!" It was amazing to know that we were in the exact place at the exact time we needed to be. 

Augie Weichman: UGH. This man is... so many things. He is hard-hearted, unbelieving, and doesn't even know what he's talking about. He is in the same care center as Mimi. We taught him twice and I think it will be the last. You try to answer or address his concern and he continues to talk over you. I realized that he just wants to argue and confuse us with what he believes. I laughed to myself as I had an answer to every ridiculous question but he refused to listen. It strengthened my testimony in fact! As we left, Sister K started to cry, what he had said shook her. It was good to comfort her and help her see that we know the truth and he is just lost in his own understanding. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." I left that scripture with him. I could go on and on but I'll stop :) 

Chase: He is 23 and has been out of jail for a year..? I'm not too sure but I've had the chance to meet with him twice. He wants to be baptized but the only thing holding him back is smoking. I'm cheering for him though!

Jake Johnson: Awesome kid! He's 14 and taking seminary and wants to be baptized! However, he isn't getting along with his mom so he's moving to Nebraska December 21 to be with his dad. We may have to send a referral. He's not the kind of kid you would expect to accept the gospel though and that's what makes him even more awesome! He loves reading the scriptures and praying... what kid does that?! 

Sister Hernandez: Well... She didn't speak to us for a whole week after her meeting with Bishop. We were really afraid and concerned until this morning. She explained she had to go to Idaho because her aunt has stage 4 Cancer. We set up another appointment so please pray for this one!!! 

Now that I wrote a novel.. I'll end. I'm so gratful for the gospel and know it's true! 

P.S. If you haven't found out yet, the Presidency released an official explanation for why Blacks weren't given the Priesthood. They have 2 more coming out and they are on Polygamy! BIG things are happening everyone... I only know about the Polygamy one because I have the hook-ups with Grandpa! Anywho... you should read it! It's pretty crazy!   

Love, Sister Gietz

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