Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a fabulous time this Christmas season! I don't want it to end... But it will be back next year I'm sure.

Well this week.... We've been tracting a lot! We are trying to increase our numbers for TTI which is teach testify and invite. We've been doing pretty good! SOOOO my most exciting news is about our new investigator who I told you we would be meeting with this week. His name is Joe Graham and he's a heart surgeon at a near by hospital. He heard about the church from a friend and was interested in hearing what "the Mormons" are all about! I love him. He is just so interested and soaking the information in! We gave him a Book of Mormon on the 18th and by the 21st he had finished 1 and 2 Nephi! He loves the book and knows it is powerful. I can tell you more when I skype.
On Saturday, we had the wonderful opportunity to go serve the homeless food and presents for an Eagle Scout project! It was really great. Sad but good to know we were helping people in need. They served 800 plates. Amazing. We also helped wrap presents which was fun, especially watching Elders wrap. Overall, good week! 

So today I went sledding with Sister Kuwahara and I did something really stupid.. We were going down together and were heading straight for a tree. For some reason in the moment my reaction was to kick the tree with my foot. It probably sounds really strange and it was! We crashed and burned. I did at least... I thought I had broke my leg and foot. We went home and Grandpa fixed me up. I will also show you that tomorrow. Well we've been going on with our day and now my foot REALLY hurts so I will have Grandpa and his daughter ( foot doc) look at it. No worries though! I will be fine :) But my email will be a little short because of it. 

I wish you all a very very merry Christmas this year and pray for you always. Remember Christ lived and died for you. What have you done for Him lately? Hope your Christmas wishes come true and that you are all safe and well. 
These pics are from today! 

Love, Sister Gietz

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