Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Utah Ogden Mission!

I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Allen and this is her first English area! She's been out 8 months and is from Casper, Wyoming.

This week has been pretty interesting... I'm learning a lot about myself and as a missionary. I'm not going to lie and say everything is happy go lucky but I will say it's a mountain I will climb and can climb. Since Sister K left, I have a lot on my plate now. I didn't realize how much was really going on until it was all in my hands and the blind fold was taken off. I will get the hang of everything I have no doubt about that, it's just the matter of organizing and letting the work be divided between us two. This is a whole new experience for Sister Allen because she's never been in the English program so it's my job to show her how it's done. Please pray for me that I don't get overwhelmed! It will be all good though, no worries! 

So I know lots of you are dying to hear about Brother Graham's baptism. It. Was. AWESOME! I was super stressed out trying to coordinate with the new ward mission leader who never did a baptism before but eventually it was all put together. Bro Graham had 2 friends from work give talks and they were just amazing. One of them brought in the spirit so much and talked about his son that passed away. She talked about how angels were in the room celebrating with us and I can say that I felt their presence. After the baptism, he gave a beautiful testimony. He sat back down next to me and said wow.. that was just amazing. He later sent us a text that said: "I'm ecstatic! Thank you." Sunday, he was confirmed and given a great blessing by the bishop. He said he felt like he was on fire and it's describable. He had me write my name and stuff in his brand new scriptures he bought. It's amazing to watch someone grow and develop a relationship with the Savior. I'm so excited for him and this new adventure. I love him so much, he's one I will never forget. 

We got a referral and from that, a new investigator! Yay! His name is Nicholes Klien. He's 32, working 2 jobs and will be moving into the stake soon. He grew up here and just is interested in how everything works and it's structure. He is so ready to learn! I hope we can do just as good if not better with him! We have a lesson tonight and will be teaching him the Plan of Salvation... possibly. Depending on the spirit of course! 

We have a musical fireside next week and so we went to a choir practice on friday. Haha oh my goodness. It was like I was back in high school. It was funny to see that I'm still the same choir student. You may not understand what that means but pretty much I just have the same feelings and attitude as I did before. It was good though and we are singing some nice songs. 

We are slowly but surely getting referrals and the work is moving! Keep us in your prayers please! We are doing well and have a lot of adjusting to do but this will be a good transfer :) 

Something that I've noticed a lot about this mission, is how many people get offended and leave the church. Why do people do that? Seriously! I just want to tell people to get over themselves. It's just like what was said in conference not too long ago: God works with imperfect people, so we ought to be patient as well. Not word for word but that's what was implied. The gospel is what's perfect, not us. That's why we go to church each week, because we're not perfect but are doing our best to be like Christ. 

Love you all so much! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Oh and the one with the big family is the Johnson family. They are active members and there son is preparing to go on a mission so we taught them all the lessons. Love them! 
Sister Gietz

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