Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best Birthday EVER!

I had an AMAZING birthday! And this week was super long and full of great things so I'll try to not bore you to tears.

Last P-day, Sister Allen and I had Lindsay ( Grandma and Grandpa's daughter ) do our hair and make up like 50's girls. Haha it was quite funny but the best part was when we had to take President's wife out with us to our lessons! I was a little embarrassed but she thought it was fun. Sorry don't have a picture to share with y'all. 

Had interviews with President and I'm not too sure if I will be staying next transfer. He hinted to me leaving so I'm just trying to prepare myself but I don't want to leave! :( I just started remembering everyone's names and where they live. Ugh. Sister Allen is going to try to plead with him to let me stay though so we will see! 

We had an FHE with the Thomas family, who I love so much, and it was so fun! Sister Thomas took charge and taught the lesson. It was with Angry Birds and they each had a name like: Cutting Words Angry Bird. Haha it was so funny :) and well done might I add. Hope everyone is doing FHE and their personal studies! It's important to do! :) 

One bad piece of news but possible miracle... Ian has a rare tumor in his sinus cavity and has to have surgery very soon. More details to come today but his grandparents are coming so possibly we will have a baptism... but we shall see. 

So on the other hand, I have awesome news! The work is moving and we are meeting more and more people. The other day, everything fell through and we had no idea what to do. So Sister Allen kept driving through the neighborhood. She felt prompted to turn and then stop at a little area with a few houses. She saw a house and said that, " we need to go to that one." I said, "Okay!" so we did. Sure enough, a man answered the door, we had a great conversation, and he accepted to learn more and have his family all there. We walked away and my eyes were wide. I just looked at Sister Allen and said, " Did that just happen?" THAT RARELY HAPPENS PEOPLE! It was such a testimony builder for the both of us. We NEED to follow the spirit, get on our feet and work! 
We also are now teaching a girl (21) who's from Nicaragua and started living with her cousin about a month ago. Sister Allen couldn't have come at a better time. We are teaching her in English and Spanish and she is very interested. At church, an RM who served in Tijuana gave his homecoming talk. She was the first one out of her seat and talking to him when the meeting was over. She was the one that invited him to come over for the discussion! Everyone is super excited and knows she will accept the gospel very soon! 
Yesterday, we had dinner with a man and his grandson at Olive Garden. He is 17 and is currently living with his grandparents. We talked a lot and you could tell that he's going through some things, which he even admitted to. But somehow, we got into talking about the Plan of Salvation. On Sunday, there were some bookmarks made that had the plan on it and I put one in my bag just because. I was able to give it to him and he was so interested! His eyes lit up as I explained some of the things we believe and it was just a great experience. He said he would be interested in learning more after his choir trip! 
One more! So we were in this apartment building and we saw these people knocking a door. I started talking to them and found out they were passing around fliers for their church. I asked them about the LDS church and the man said he really loves the family unity that we believe. I quickly remembered some training we received this week from President and Sister Hiers and introduced The Family: A Proclamation to the World. I prayed that there would be copies in the car and I ran out and sure enough there were! I was able to give them it and our number if they had questions. Talk about a good birthday :) 

THEN! We were having FHE and this time we were playing murder in the dark. After 2 rounds I was the murder and I couldn't find ANYONE! Then, I heard some screaming so I went to the scene. I looked and in the kitchen everyone was there and yelled, "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" and followed with the song :) it was so nice. A sister made a cake and it was hot pink because the other day when Sister Allen asked, I said that was my favorite color for the day haha! 
Great Birthday. Thank you for all the presents, love and prayers :) they were all greatly appreciated and I couldn't have been happier. I love you all so much :) hope you have a fantastic week! 

Love, Sister Gietz

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