Tuesday, March 4, 2014

4 MONTHS And Still Kickin' It

So todaaay we went to the Logan Temple with a lot of missionaries in our zone because one of our ZL's gets released Saturday! I don't have a ton of time so this may be a little short.. Sorry!

Wow... Well last week feels like 3 weeks ago. Time seems slow but fast at the same time, mission time is crazy. We've has the mosty bi-polar weather here and it's driving my nuts. One day it is Spring and so beautiful we are having a picnic and then the next it's raining and the most gloomy day of my life. Today was a bit of both thankfully. It was a little scary for us as we drove the hour long drive to Logan as rain turned to snow and we were speeding down the canyon trying to catch up to the Elders we were following. But on the way back there was white clouds and a beautiful blue sky. We were definitely protected today! Tender Mercy! 

So update on people:

Ian: His surgery is planned for the 19th this month. His mom text us last night and informed us that her parents would be coming the week before and so Ian will probably be able to get baptized! WOOOOHOOOO! I feel bad that he has to have this surgery but it's a blessing that his Grandpa can come to Utah and perform that service for him. So cool :) I have to keep praying it will happen though! 

Mario Trujillo: Not much has changed with him. He keeps putting other things over church and so it's been hard for him to progress but I think he's getting there. He recognizes the difference the scriptures and praying make in his life and so one day he'll come around to being committed. He is so sweet though. He told me a while ago that something I said to him changed his life. This last lesson he brought it up again but disclosed who said it as he told the fellowship. THEN, he gave me a present for my birthday! An adorable jar of honey :) isn't he sweet?! Haha

Bianca: She is doing great! We are just taking it slow with her but she is SO ready. It's great because our last lesson we had, Bianca's cousin opened up and told us that her and her husband weren't married in the Temple and that she lost the Spirit. But when we come over, she feels that and wants it back in her life. They all have been coming to church and it has just been so amazing to see. I just wish I knew Spanish... Why didn't I take Spanish in high school?!! Dang it. 

We've been meeting with some new people this week but I'll wait till next week to talk about them. I don't know them very well yet. One of the ward missionaries is doing this new tactic he made up and it has been pretty successful... He takes someone with him, knocks on everyone's door, tells them about earthquake preparedness and keeping the family safe. Then, he introduces to them a DVD that we have called "Together Forever". He explains a little about it, gets their contact info and then gives it to us. He got 8 out of 10 to accept! One was even the Evangelist guy that we met and I gave the Family Proclamation to the World pamphlet to! Speaking of which..
I had a really bad day this week. Everything was going fine and we were so excited to go meet this new family that wanted to hear more. WRONG. They wanted US to hear more. The hard thing about being in Utah.. Anti-Mormons. They are just so lost and confused, you feel sorry for them. It took me some recovering to do but I'm happy with the way I handled it. I pretty much told them that we have strong testimonies of this gospel, that we are here to teach and not to bible bash or anything like that. I said if they wanted to learn more that we would come back but otherwise we weren't. He seemed kinda disappointed but agreed to have me back. The wife even forgot some of the questions she had that made her leave the church.. That boggles me. I pray that this next meeting will not damper my day like it did this last one but that it will be helpful for them and for us as well. Please pray for us? Sister Allen has never dealt with this before and I've only had a little experience with it. So we shall see!!! 

Oh, and I had my 1st Zone Blitz! Super fun! So the zone gets together in someone's area and everyone gets a new companion! Then, we get a list of names and address to go tract and see if they are interested! We had one say yes! Victory! 

Well, in all I had an amazing week. Glad to hear so many wonderful things about the Gilbert Temple!! 
 I wish I could share all the fun and funny little things that happen but there's just not time! But I will tell you, we were dog rescuers yesterday. Haha you can see a pic on FB. I was just praying that he didn't have an "accident" in the car..  

Love you!! 
Sister Gietz

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