Tuesday, March 18, 2014


One more transfer here baby! Woohoo! I shrieked like a little girl when they announced it this morning... I'm just so EXCITED!!! I still have so much work to do still and it's great because we're gaining member trust and getting better at teaching! Okay okay okay so we had a GREAT week! Made lots of contacts, teaching new people and having a great time.

We had Ian's baptism and it was amazing. The Spirit was so strong. His fellowship gave a spotlight and Ian started to cry. He is so scared about the surgery that will happen today and he will need the strength of the Holy Ghost during this hard time. I wish I could put into words how amazing it was but I can't. He was confirmed on Sunday and ordained to be a Deacon! Sister Kuwahara even came and surprised us all! We hugged and cried and it was just so fun. 

So Sister Allen has been sick! We bummed it one day because she was so out of it. We went to the doc and they just said it's a virus and there was nothing they could do... So she just has to tough it out. It's so sad though because her voice is shot and she sounds awful.. I've been getting a sore throat but we are downing Emergen-c packets like crazy trying to fight it off. Well the morning that she slept in, Lindsay came over (Gladwell's daughter) and had breakfast. I told her I was going to have a lesson with her and she said okay! We had a good talk about the 1st vision but then we got distracted and started talking about other stuff. I will bring her back though! I'm determined. 

We just had some interesting experiences this week.. 
I talked to a friend from high school on Facebook and came to find out that he's atheist and believes in Evolution. Man was that sad and an eye-opener. 

Then, we were out going to referrals and I stopped at a house we hadn't gone to in awhile. Turns out, we hadn't gone there at all. They welcomed us in (LDS obviously) and started talking to us. They called to their kids to come meet us and I heard the name "Marin". I asked, "Did you just say Marin?" They said yes! I was like.. What?! That's my name! How do you spell it? M-A-R-I-N. I have NEVER met another person with my name and spelling. Apparently, it's a Swiss name! So we were about to leave and then I saw some stuff... I will send pictures. Weapons of all kinds were throughout the house. Knights with armor were equipped and in the corners of the rooms. IT WAS BIZEERK. He's a martial art teacher and has trained some pretty pro people. They are really interesting and have an interesting story haha I wish I could share it all. He offered to train us on a P-day but it would have to be at night, they've done it with other missionaries in Texas so we will see. He has Bow-staff skills and Numb-chucks.. and lots of other skills. We were laughing when we left and quoting Napoleon Dynamite with all his skills :) it was even more funny when Sister Allen's laugh was deep and hoarse. I think I'm having too much fun out here... 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! We had dinner at our mission president's councilor's house. It was so awesome. The kitchen and dining table looked like the holiday threw up on everything. GREEN GREEN GREEN. We had most of our zone and some other missionaries there and just laughed and talked. We had a green Tres Leches cake that tasted like Lucky Charms cereal. Greatest St. Patrick's Party I've gone to... and probably the only one I've gone to haha       

Overall, great week! Love you all! 

Sister Gietz                                                                                                                                                 

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