Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Zoom Zoom! Transfers Next Week!!!

Time is flying! This transfer came super fast and I hope I get to stay in my area one last transfer! So lets see.. What happened this week?

Well! I forced a lesson on Wyatt (10 yr old) because his mom was getting in the tub, we had fellowship and our STL there, and I was going to have a lesson!! He stopped the video game that he was absorbed in (looked familiar..) and taught him and 3 of his friends about prophets. We left smelling like smoke for the rest of the day but I was satisfied :) 
So our STL (sister training leader) ,Sister Hawes, came on a very good day. We were busy busy busy with 5 lessons and a dinner that made me check the date because I could have sworn it was Thanksgiving dinner. 

We had a Companion study with our District leader and another elder which was super fun and.. surprising. Sister Allen and I role played a lesson we were going to have that night with Brother Trujillo on the Law of Chastity. The spirit was for sure helping us and I can't believe we got through the whole thing the way we did. We had never taught it together and we were super nervous to teach Elders about it... Haha but we were all pretty shocked at how well it went! The lesson it's self went different but still pretty good :) he's golden but not.. We set up an interview with the President to see what he will have to do to be baptized. Exciting stuff! 

Ian is getting baptized this week! Woooooo! Finally! We're really excited and hope that everything goes well with it as well as the surgery he will have next week. 

Bianca is doing well but I'm pretty out of the loop because of my lack of Spanish skills... Haha but we are finding what we need to focus on and such. She came with us to the Zone Leader's baptism which was great! I think she felt the spirit :) we're excited! She is adorable and her cousin is enjoying the lessons too. We're working on helping them get back to the temple as well. 

We went to the Family History Center with Brother Graham for like 2-3 hours.. I thought my brain was going to explode! He has TONS of work to do and that stuff is mind-boggling. I was impressed with the little lady helping us and her reasoning for certain things. We were able to find some of his aunts and uncles and hopefully can do the work for them soon! We also had FHE with him at the Whiteside's home and it was super fun :) he talked about taking care of the physical heart and then we talked about taking care of the spiritual heart. We had lots of fun with everyone and they did too! Brother Graham has some YouTube videos on his surgery stuff if you're interested in seeing that and hearing him talk haha unfortunately, I don't know what it's called. 

We had Elder Stevenson (A senior missionary that works at the cannery) take us out to dinner and it was so fun! He was super cute and was like, "I have permission from President Hiers that I can take you out!" Imagine it in a cute old man voice :) 

It's official.. I survived daylight savings. It was a killer though. We may or may not have crashed during lunch on Sunday haha but afterwards we felt much better! 
Well that's all I can really think of! We just took a major crazy hike up a mountain with no trail with some Elders. Of course it was their idea... Haha it was intense and my legs are screaming at me but it was super fun. It was a little snowy but not too freezing... Probably because it was a work our for all of us haha! 

Hope y'all have a great week! Love ya so much! 

Sister Gietz

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